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  Front Projection screens are available in two styles - fixed frame screens and roller screens. This is the first choice that you will have to make, and the model you choose will largely depend on your room and how you use it.  
  Roller Screens   Frame Screens  
  Roller screens are better for general activity areas where the screen can roll down for use and disappear when not in use.  Roller screens are usually available as either a manually operated screen or electronic (a switch or a remote control).

Advantages of Roller Screens:

  • Out of the way when not in use.
  • Reduced risk of damage to the screen.
  Frame screens are generally better for dedicated viewing rooms. The screen remains in place, even when not in use. They are instantly ready for use and ensure a completely flat image surface. As they have no moving parts, they are more durable and tend to last longer.

Advantages of Fixed Frame Screens
  • Instantly ready for use.
  • The image area remains completely flat.
  LP Morgan roller screen    LP MOrgan frame screen   
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