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  Diagonals, Widths & Heights      

Screen sizes are usually expressed as a diagonal. in inches. This table shows the relationship between the metric width and height and the diagonal. Please see Aspect Ratios to find out more about which is best
for you. Note: These sizes are nominal only and every manufacturer will vary slightly.

  Video Format   HDTV Format  
Diagonal (inches) Width (metric) Height (metric)
72" 1450mm 1090mm
84" 1700mm 1270mm
90" 1830mm 1370mm
100" 2030mm 1520mm
120" 2440mm 1830mm
135" 2745mm 2055mm
150" 3050mm 2285mm
180" 3660mm 2740mm
Diagonal (inches) Width (metric) Height (metric)
82" 1830mm 1030mm
92" 2030mm 1140mm
100" 2210mm 1245mm
110" 2440mm 1370mm
120" 2650mm 1495mm
125" 2760mm 1555mm
140" 3095mm 1745mm
  Windows Format      
Diagonal (inches) Width (metric) Height (metric)
75" 1600mm 1000mm
85" 1830mm 1145mm
94" 2030mm 1270mm
103" 2210mm 1380mm
113" 2440mm 1525mm
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